Customer Service

Here at Alpha Payment Processing, we have built our entire business upon our pledge and execution to provide unrivaled customer service. Most Point of Sale devices provide a certain level of access for your merchant service provider. This allows us to log into your system and provide off-site support. In situations where we cannot provide adequate support, we will arrive at your business in a timely fashion to service and support any issue you might have. We believe a great merchant service provider will deliver same-day customer service. Most merchant service providers want to give you a 1-800 number to call, which we all know can come with extremely long wait times and often partially rectifying your issue, or off times not at all. Alpha Payment Processing is also aware that not everyone is tech-savvy and we strive to take care of all our merchants. Whether you’re processing 100k per month or 5k per month we are a merchant service provider that treats all our merchants with the same level of service.

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